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Senior Leaders Prayer Meetings

Revive is not built upon structures and rules but upon relationships between local Christians. At the heart of those relationships is the trust shared between senior leaders in each church and project. During the coronavirus pandemic we realised that a significant proportion of churches had gained new leaders in recent times, so it was important for us to invest in rebuilding those relationships again. As it was not possible for us to physically meet together, we started a monthly Zoom prayer meeting with the dual aims of getting to know each other better and praying for each other and the town. When restrictions end, we envisage it transitioning to a periodic, face to face, prayer breakfast.

The definition of “senior leader” will be different in each church, but we wanted to restrict this meeting to one or two key “gatekeepers” in each community, as it is from trust between these leaders that fruitful collaborative work can grow.

Currently the meeting happen at 8.30am (till 9.15am) on the third Wednesday of each month.


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