ROC Conversation 30 Jun

This event has now been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. See here for details.

WHAT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR COMMUNITY? Come and meet with others from the borough of Rugby including police, fire and ambulance services, the local council, community and faith based groups to discuss ways of working together for the good of our community. If you live, work or volunteer in Rugby you are welcome to join the Conversation.

The ROC conversation will take place on Tuesday the 30th of June in the Benn Hall on Newbold Road, CV21 2LN. Register on the ROC website or call 0161 393 4511.

What is Redeeming Our Communities (ROC)? ROC's main aim is to bring about community transformation by creating strategic partnerships between statutory agencies, voluntary groups, and churches. These partnerships form new volunteer-led projects that address a variety of social needs. Nationwide, there are over 165 active partnership projects, and many more at the planning and enquiry stage.

We think the ROC model could help the Revive Network churches to reach our community. Through ROC partnerships, Christians and churches have the opportunity of being good news to neighbours — along the way to sharing the good news. Even the ministry of Jesus involved being the good news to towns and cities — along the way to sharing the good news. What is God’s kingdom like? God’s kingdom is a place where people generously work for the good of the community, just like God generously blesses all people — toward revealing Himself to each person.


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