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Leaders' Morning ROC Talks

DEBRA GREEN OBE from Redeeming our Communities (ROC) came to speak at a packed-out Autumn Leaders' Morning on the 29th of November, and electrified the room with her vision for statutory agencies, voluntary groups and churches working together to transform their community for the better.

But if you couldn't make it, please do listen for yourself. The morning's talks are available here. If you would like to find out even more about ROC's work, see their website or watch the video below.


What is Redeeming Our Communities (ROC)? ROC's main aim is to bring about community transformation by creating strategic partnerships between statutory agencies, voluntary groups, and churches. These partnerships form new volunteer-led projects that address a variety of social needs. Nationwide, there are over 165 active partnership projects, and many more at the planning and enquiry stage.

We think the ROC model could help the Revive Network churches to reach our community. Through ROC partnerships, Christians and churches have the opportunity of being good news to neighbours — along the way to sharing the good news. Even the ministry of Jesus involved being the good news to towns and cities — along the way to sharing the good news. What is God’s kingdom like? God’s kingdom is a place where people generously work for the good of the community, just like God generously blesses all people — toward revealing Himself to each person.


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