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Prisons Week Service 8 Oct

There will be a Prisons Week Service at 6:30pm Sunday 8th October 2017 at Bilton Evangelical Church. The guest speaker is Paul Cowley MBE.

Paul is the Ambassador for Social Transformation at Holy Trinity Brompton and Alpha International. He is also the Bishops' advisor on Prisons and Penal affairs in the London Diocese area for the Church of England.

Paul Cowley was born in Manchester in 1955. At the age of 15 he was expelled from school, lived on the streets and then moved into a life of crime. This led to a prison sentence. Upon release, Paul joined the Army, throwing himself into his 17 year career.

Paul became a Christian after doing an Alpha course at Holy Trinity Brompton in 1994. He became involved in prison ministry as a volunteer and then joined the staff at HTB as Pastor for Prisons, after developing that work into one of the biggest Prison ministries in the world, he later founded the charity Caring for Ex-Offenders and also launched Alpha for the military. Paul is now the Executive Director of Alpha for Prisons, Caring for Ex-Offenders, Alpha for Forces, Social Transformation. Paul is married to Amanda and has two children. In June 2002 Paul was ordained by the Church of England after completing a 3 year degree at Oak Hill Theological College. Recently Paul was nominated by the Her Majesty Queen in the New Year honours list for his services to ex-offenders. Paul is an international speaker, and an advisor to the Government on issues of Prisons and Social Justice.

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