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WANTED: CAP Debt Coaches

In the seven years that the Christians Against Poverty centre has been serving in Rugby, 8 people have begun a journey of faith and 40 families have received relief from a total of more than £900,000. of unmanageable debt. Isn’t that amazing?

CAP Rugby has been an effective team from across the Revive Network offering first class, personal, and holistic debt counselling that is open to all people regardless of their faith. But recent changes in our volunteers means we are in immediate need of one or two new debt coaches to continue this ministry.

Here are some qualities of a debt coach:

  • Offer at least one day per week in addition to attending an initial training course and a short conference each year.

  • You do not need to be an expert in budgeting, but you do need to be well organised and a good communicator.

  • You must be prepared to be invited into a client's home and be willing to share the gospel.

  • The debt coach will work with the other members of the CAP Rugby team that provides the service under the Revive banner.

  • This could be a paid or unpaid position depending on circumstances and availability.

To find out more about the work of CAP Rugby or to discuss the vacancies in more detail, please contact the CAP Centre Manager, Andrew Lewis on 07503 421096 or at

It would be helpful if expressions of interest could be made before June 17th.

Pray with us for one or two people to join the team, or courage to accept our circumstances as an indication that this ministry will come to an end.

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