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Good Friday Walk of Witness

The annual Walk of Witness takes place again on Good Friday. Come and join!

We will gather from 09.45 in the Jubilee Gardens; the Cross will be in place. At 10.00 we will hear the first reflection, and then begin the procession through the town behind the cross. We will first walk on to Chestnut Fields for the second act of worship and prayers. Then at app. 10.15 we will walk to and through the Clock Towers precinct.The third act of worship and prayers will be on the precinct near COSTA at app. 10.25. The walk will then continue on to St Andrew’s churchyard for the open air service there, beginning at around 10.40. Imogen will lead the open air service with Roy Crowne speaking. Finally, from around 11.00 St Andrew’s Church will be open for 30 minutes or so for hot cross buns and light refreshments.

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