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Spring Leaders' Morning: Rob Davies

Revive's Spring Leaders' morning this year features Rob Davies and Jess Regnart from Freedom in Christ Ministries.

The focus is on Unpacking Discipleship in the 21st Century with 18-30s. They will speak into what many call “the missing generation” in our church, highlighting some of the key aspects of the culture and how we can be more effectively engaged with it, specifically from a disciple perspective. It should be very informative and inspiring morning.

Come to Grapevine Church, 9 High St, Hillmorton, CV21 4EG, on the 18th of May. We're asking for £8 to help cover our costs (or £3 for just the breakfast). The breakfast runs 8:00-9:30am, the leaders' morning continues 9:45-12:45.

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